BitPay compared to Bolt



PSP Features of BitPay compared to Bolt
Georgia, Atlanta, USAHQ BasedSan Fransisco, California, USA
Bitpay keeps a list of supported merchants on their websiteSupported MerchantsBolt keeps a list of supported merchants on their website
1% of transaction / could be more for high-risk industriesFee structure1.8% of transaction
Bank fees
Too many to list, available on the API currency list requestPayment Methods
Recurring PaymentsYes, via Recurly or other recurring payment services
Developer Friendly
Consumer Cards support Apply PayApple Pay Support
Point of Sale Support
Unsupported Paid Feature Supported Unknown



American based Bitpay was founded in 2011.

Bitpay’s founders were early to the bitcoin movement and decided to go all in on this opportunity by building a bridge between the digital and traditional way of transacting globally.

Bitpay maintains a directory of places you can use cryptocurrencies to exchange for goods (vouchers, gift cards, or products), and plans to build more open tools in the future to be of use to the public.


Founded in the USA in 2014, Bolt was created to set a new standard for eCommerce.

The team at Bolt spent over 2 years before launching their first version of their Checkout product.

Bolt got serious VC traction starting around 2016, where they raised over $215M in VC Funding and growing their team significantly.

Bolt now has a ‘CheckoutOS’ which consists of products that include checkout, payment and fraud detection.

Customers of Bolt include Akira, Forever 21 and Solo Stove.